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Payment Plans

We're excited to be able to offer 3 different payment plan options on all items in the shop using Afterpay, Shop Pay Installments, and Read more about each payment plan option below.


Afterpay is a shop now, pay later platform with zero interest if paid on time.

Afterpay allows us to offer installment plans for online shoppers, allowing a purchase to be paid for in four installments, due every 2 weeks.

Simply choose Afterpay as your payment method at checkout. First-time shoppers provide payment details as usual, returning shoppers simply log in to make their purchase. It’s that easy!

After you check out, the goods will be shipped to you. At any time, you can log in to your Afterpay account to see your payment schedule and make a payment before the due date.

Afterpay does not affect your credit score or credit rating. Afterpay never do credit checks or report late payments. 

Eligible countries: 

(The United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand.)

Shop Pay Installments

Shop Pay offers customers the option to pay in full at checkout, or to split their purchase into 4 equal, interest-free installment payments for orders between 50 USD and 1000 USD. There are no additional charges, interest rates, or late fees passed on to customers. Paying in installments with Shop Pay is powered and serviced by Affirm.

If you haven’t added a debit or credit card to your Shop Pay account, then you can do so during checkout and it’s saved for future purchases.

Affirm's underwriting systems determine whether your first payment is due at checkout or 2 weeks after your purchase. The next 3 remaining installments are automatically charged to your card saved on Shop Pay every 2 weeks.

After you check out, your order will be shipped to you. You can log in to Shop Pay to view your order history and payment status for orders that are paid in installments with Shop Pay.

Your credit scores aren't affected if you use Shop Pay Installments. 

Eligible Country:

United States 

When you click the shopping cart you'll see the icon on the bottom left. You can quickly register an account with and create your payment plan inside your cart making the process rather simple.

The down payment is 50% percent and the remaining balance must be paid in full within 2 weeks. You have the option to make 2 payments (1 per week) or 1 payment (within 2 weeks). Either way the balance is due in two weeks regardless of the option you choose. 

You can log in to to view your order history and pay your remaining balance. Unlike Afterpay and Shop Pay doesn't cover the cost of your purchase upfront. Therefore your order will NOT ship until the order is paid in full. 

Choosing to pay through will not affect your credit score. doesn't report to the credit bureaus. Payment Plans Only:
If you decide to do a payment plan with for a custom or a Made-to-Order item, the production time frame to complete your order will begin once the order has been paid in full.


Eligible countries: 



If you have any questions regarding our payment plans please contact us so we can assist you with any questions you may have.


How to Create a Payment Plan with Video