About Us – Brimstone Bindings

About Us

I've been creating art from as far back as my memory can recall. I've always allowed my creativity to flow naturally like water, without any boundaries or limitations. As an artist filled with an abundance of inspiration by the world around me, I always seem to find myself in a place where real and surreal coexists creating a new realm of ideas that allows me to tinker with perception, nature and the unknown. 

By merging my own personal experiences with visual imagery I'm able to create windows into places where time and space is no longer definite, and I can challenge my own mind through deep exploration. I tend to emphasize on the connections within all things and Brimstone Bindings is a constant reminder that. 

My partner occasionally creates like-minded creations alongside of me. Our jewelry is created with varies natural crystals and unique findings that spark our creativity. We thrive to provide timeless yet deeply rooted creations that are hand fabricated and made with love.