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The Blue Morpho Book

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This is a 9''x12" leather book with handcrafted pewter hardware designed and cast by myself. Inspired by medieval architecture, attached to the book are two metal-hinged latches, four corner pieces, and one beveled glass-encased Blue Morpho Marcus Adonis. All specimens are ethically sourced and passed from natural causes living out their lives. Due to this, some specimens may have missing antennas, damaged wings, or other minor damages. 

*I also offer vegan leather and a life-like paper blue morpho butterfly option as well!*

The Postbound System

The book is post-bound with removable pages. The paper size is 8.5''x 11''and is also printer safe. I provide a heavyweight 80 lb. quality parchment paper ideal for calligraphy writing and inking.

The post-binding system for these books consists of 2.5" long steel posts allowing you to add and remove pages as you wish. If you purchase these books without paper, a standard 3-hole punch will suffice. You can also add photo album sheets which are available 3-hole punched.

Handcrafted to Last Lifetimes

These books are handcrafted from some of the finest materials ensuring their durability as they are intended to be passed down from one generation to the next lasting lifetimes. Each book is made from birch wood, enclosed with quality repurposed leather, and adorned with original hand-casted fine pewter metalwork. I design and cast all of the metalwork myself allowing customizations upon request.

Leather Choices We Offer 

We offer genuine leather and faux vegan leather. The color options you see are of the vegan leather. However we can source genuine leather hide that is very similar to these the color options provided. All genuine leather we sourced is 100% recycled!


Craft Time

This is a made-to-order item. From the time of purchase, it takes 4-8 weeks to be shipped. 

Additional Info

Each book will vary slightly in appearance due to factors such as the leather color.

These books can be used for many purposes, such as journaling, drawing, spells, songwriting, recipes, scrapbooking, photos, etc.

Please get in touch with me with any questions or custom work inquiries at


Overview of the Book

-  Repurposed leather or vegan leather 


- Original hand-casted fine pewter metalwork

-  Approximately 400 pages (800 Front and back)


-  Post-bound (Removable pages)

-  Heavyweight Parchment paper (80 lb.)


-  Paper suitable for calligraphy ink and is printer safe

-  Customizable!