Crystal Ball Altar – Brimstone Bindings

Crystal Ball Altar

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This altar kit has been curated to elevate your sacred space.

It would be a beautiful beginner's kit or a great addition to a pre-existing altar. 

You'll receive everything as pictured in the altar setup including the crystal ball wall tapestry.

Here's a detailed list of all of what's included in the kit:

1 Crystal Ball wall tapestry

1 Extra Large Amethyst Tower 

1 Crystal Ball grid

1 Mortar pestle 

1 Aura Amethyst cluster

1 Aura Quartz cluster 

1 Amethyst tower 

1 Rose Quartz tower

1 Caribbean Calcite tower

1 Vial of Amethyst chips

1 Vial of Amazonite chips

1 Vial of purple Jade chips

1 Soapstone Incense burner

1 Brass lamp Incense burner

4 Vegan unscented candles

1 Candleholder

1 brass glass shadow box

1 Naturally shed pheasant feather

1 White sage smudge stick



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