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Cassia | Amethyst, Chrysoprase, & Garnet Necklace

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This Amethyst, Garnet, and Chrysoprase necklace is crafted with brass. The pendant is top coated to preserve the raw brass luster and shine.

It hangs on an 18k gold plated chain that is tarnish-resistant.  Please refer to photos for the size of the pendant.


Garnet cleanses and re-energizes the chakras.  It revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate.  Inspires love and devotion. It activates and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope.  Stimulates past-life recall.  Sharpens perceptions of oneself and others.  Garnet removes inhibitions and taboos.  It opens the heart and bestows self-confidence.

Amethyst is a spiritual stone, a stone of peace. Amethyst is a natural soother of the mind and emotions, helping to focus and keep control of the faculties. It calms and stimulates the mind, helping you become more focused, enhancing memory, and improving motivation.  Amethyst is also known to assists in remembering and understanding dreams.

Chrysoprase allows one to tap into this inner courage and strength with the wisdom to use it wisely. At one time it was believed that Chrysoprase held the sacred flamof the Goddess, it will assist one in recognizing the trinity within oneself. Helping to bring what is currently unconscious, and possibly damaging, into the conscious realm; where it may be assessed and dealt with so it may be let go. 

Chrysoprase has been credited with banishing greed, selfishness, and carelessness. Told to stir the imagination, Chrysoprase is said to bring about happiness, cheerfulness, action, progress, and adventure. Bringing success to new enterprises by assisting in versatility, adaptability, prudence, and open-mindedness.  


This piece is waterproof, but please avoid submerging in water to help preserve its longevity. All jewelry will be shipped in gift wrapping or jewelry pouch depending on the size of the item. 


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